Rotary 9000lb. Asymmetrical Hydraulic lift
Repair manuals for most makes and models of cars
Air tools
Parts Washers
Specialty tools (brake bleeder, spring compressor, AC test, etc.)
Jacks, jack stands, ramps
Our list of metal working tools is also available for automotive work.

Several Digital Oscilloscopes - 25Mhz, 2 Channel
Several Power Supplies - Regulated Linear Tripple-Output
Function Generator - 2Mhz
25Mhz 8Ch Logic Analyzer
USB Labview DAQ - 8 Analog in, 3 Analog out, 12 Digital I/O
High End RF Weller Soldering Irons
Full component selection (resistors, ICs, Capacitors, LEDs, displays, etc)
Development Kits (various Microcontrollers, FPGAs, etc

And yes. We have Arduinos.

CNC Plasma Cutter... cuttin' metal like a boss!
Powdercoating system and oven
3-Axis J Head Style Large Vertical Mill
Variable Speed 3 Axis, Mill Drill Machine
9x20 Precision Metal Lathe, with threading capability
7x10 Trainer Lathe
3/4 HP Drill Press
Mini-Drill Press w/laser guides (PCBs, case mounting, etc)
6HP 33Gal, 1.5HP and 1HP Compressors
Miller Syncrowave 180 Square Wave TIG Welder
Miller 190 3 Phase TIG Welder
12" Bandsaw
Hobart 140 MIG welder w/ 80cuft argon tank
Lincoln SP135 MIG welder w/ 80cuft argon tank
Lincoln Weldpak-HD flux-core welder
Arc 'stick' Welder
Multiple Media Blasting Tanks
Jig Saw
3 4" Angle Grinders
2 Bench Grinders
12" Chop Saw
Metalworking Vise
R8 Collet system
Indicators, Parallels and other support equipment
Full compliment of bits, taps, dies, and other tooling.

52" Cabinet Makers Grade Delta Unisaw, Table Saw
10" Compound Miter Saw
Drill Press
Delta 12" Surface Planer
Delta 6" Jointer
12" Wood Bandsaw
Big ol' Dust Collection system
Hand Tools

More Cool tools:
80 Watt CNC Laser Cutter
Makerbot Replicator 2 3d printer
Enclosed Chemical 3'x5' Hood

Lots of whiteboards and markers
Computer Projector and screen
Power Tools
Full compliment of hand tools
8 gaming-class computers (LAN parties!)
Business class internet
Wired Gigabit LAN and Complete Wifi Coverage