MakeIt Labs and FIRST Team 151 join forces

What do you get when you cross a group of smart, dedicated and talented high school students with a place where people come to Dream, Learn and Make? A great collaboration.

MakeIt Labs, New Hampshire’s first and largest Makerspace and a 501c3 non-profit, and Nashua FIRST Robotics Team 151 are excited to announce that Team 151 will be using MakeIt Labs' facility as their new home base. Team 151 will also serve as a liaison to other FIRST teams who need help and access to the laser cutting, 3d printing, plasma cutting, and other resources available at MakeIt Labs.

One of MakeIt Labs' goals in moving to our new facility at 25 Crown Street, in partnership with the City of Nashua, was to find a way to contribute more back into the community. When personnel logistics prevented Team 151 from continuing to be hosted at Nashua High this created an opportunity to do just that. Students and advisors of Team 151 met with the board and many members of MakeIt to brainstorm on options that would work for everyone involved and a plan was formed.

Many former FIRST team members, including some Team 151 alumni, number among MakeIt Labs members. All of them credit programs like FIRST for building their interest in technology, and recognize the need to support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) opportunities in school-age programs to build opportunities for the future. As part of the makerspace community, students will have the opportunity to explore and interact with all different types of technology and assist in outreach programs that benefit other non-profit organizations. Their energy, enthusiasm and determination is contagious, and their new ideas and perspectives benefit the larger community of makers.

The transition to Team 151’s new home will be a new experience for all of us and we thank the students, parents and MakeIt Labs members for their patience and assistance as we find our footing and regain our momentum.  We would also like to thank Northeast Delta Dental for their generous support of MakeIt Labs which will help offset costs of getting Team 151 up and running in the new facility quickly and easily.  We encourage other area FIRST teams to reach out and partner with us as well - the FIRST tenet of “gracious professionalism” is something we all strive to embody, and it is our intent that this partnership opens new doors for success - not just for the students of Team 151, but for everyone.

For any questions please contact:

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