Electronics & Computing

The Clean Space includes open benches for light projects as well as soldering, electronic test, as well as computer workstations. Benches are first come first served and projects must leave with their owner.
— Johnathan Vail, Resource Manager



  • Tektronix DS5034B, 350MHz 4-channel digital oscilloscopes (2)

  • Tektronix TLA5201 logic analyzer

  • Rigol DS1054Z, 50MHz 4-channel digital oscilloscope

  • HP 8565A 22GHz Spectrum analyzer

  • Digital Multimeters

  • Benchtop power supplies

  • Function generators

  • Logic analyzers

  • USB Labview DAQ

  • High-end Weller soldering stations

  • High-end hot air rework stations

  • Microscopes for fine rework

  • Standardized tool kits at every bench (wire cutters, strippers, soldering accessories, knife blade, tweezers, screwdriver, etc.)

Parts Room

  • Electronics components (diodes, resistors, capacitors, ICs, LEDs, displays)

  • Electromechanical components (switches, relays, motors, solenoids)

  • Development kits and evaluation boards (microcontrollers, FPGAs, Arduino and Raspberry Pi)

  • Remote control hobby parts

  • Pneumatic components

  • Project enclosures

  • Power supplies

  • Cooling fans and heat sinks

Computers & Software

  • Core i7 computer workstations with Linux Mint and Windows 10 (dual boot)

  • Business-class internet

  • Wired gigabit LAN and facility-wide WiFi

  • Synology 6TB RAID network file server

Resource Managers

Johnathan Vail

Clean Space Resource Manager - Johnathan has been programming computers and making things since the 70’s. By day he is a firmware engineer in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Projects at MakeIt Labs include the Electric Motorcycle, MakeIt Flight Club, and the original New doorbots for 25 Crown st. He has taught several Arduino and Raspberry Pi classes.

Dave Shevett

Parts Room Resource Manager - By day, Dave's an operations manager for a large software company, but at night he satisfies his need for organization and detail by keeping tabs on the parts inventory for the space. If you'd like to donate anything, or think the lab is missing or has run out of something, let Dave know, and he'll make it happen.