Board Members

MakeIt Labs is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of New Hampshire and designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) public charity.

Our mission is to create a thriving open-access technology workshop where our community of passionate volunteers share their knowledge of science, technology, and the arts with each other and the larger community through peer-to-peer learning, supported by the tools and other resources available at our unique facility.

Our Board of Directors are some of the many volunteers that support MakeIt Labs mission.

Adam Shrey - President

Adam works as VP Engineering for Durridge, a company specializing in radon instrumentation. He is most at home in a workshop, and enjoys a wide variety of hands on creative processes, including metal and wood working, welding, automotive work, electronics design and fabrication, programming, and anything else that involves putting a bunch of stuff together to make something cool. If he's not at MakeIt or work, he's probably out mountain biking.

Mike Swatko

Mike Swatko is a lifelong maker and technologist with a great depth of experience creating consumer digital imaging products involving both software and hardware. He has two US patents pending in the field of digital photography. When exposed to sunlight Mike enjoys hiking and rock climbing, although since joining MakeIt in 2012 you’ll now often find Mike along with his son Ben doing weekend projects and improving infrastructure at the Labs. An avid software developer since the days when floppy disks were floppy, Mike is now Director of R&D at a consumer-oriented technology company in Salem NH.

Bill Schongar

By day, Bill Schongar is a Technical Leader at Cisco Systems, Inc., working on IoT, Big Data, and other techie buzzword things. The rest of the time he's kayaking, hiking, building projects or otherwise having fun with his wife and two sons.

Peter Vatne - Treasurer

Peter is a former software engineer for Digital/Compaq/HP. In addition to MakeIt Labs, he is Treasurer for Sons of Norway District Lodge No. 3. He is also President of the Scandinavian Charitable Society of Greater Boston. In his free time, he is learning Italian, and teaches Irish on the weekend. His interests at MakeIt Labs include retrocomputing (such as the PDP-8), and learning about robotics and AVR microcontrollers.

Mordecai Veldt

Mordecai is a Mechanical Engineer, husband and father who enjoys elegance in engineering and design. He loves to learn, to teach, and to improve the world around him. His interests include 3D CAD, cooking, and telling his son about how microwaves work. It's the questions, not the answers, that are most important. More than either, Mordecai loves solutions: achieving goals by finding the right questions to chart different paths through constraints and obstacles.

Jennifer Cote

Jennifer is a Certified Real Estate Appraiser and Agent who’s passionate about the Maker movement. My 2 teenage boys are well trained in science, technology, community, compassion, and always taking the back roads. While at the lab you’ll typically find me working with the laser cutter, in the wood shop, or chatting with other makers. The best part of MakeIt Labs are the people!