Would you like to change your credit card or cancel your membership? (You can rejoin later easily if you use the same email next time.)

Step 1

Gather the following information:

Your non-MakeIt labs billing email, for example: Josephine.X.Ample@email.com

  • NOT Josephine.Ample@makeitlabs.com

You need to be able to access this billing email to receive a link to complete your action. This link sending step ensures that only you can change your billing or cancel your account.

Step 2

Visit https://join.makeitlabs.com/account

Enter your billing email and select the action for which you would like to receive a link.

Step 3

Follow the link sent to your billing email. The link is only valid for a temporary time, and you should treat it like a one time use click.


If you cannot find your billing email, or you would like to change from hobbiest to pro or pro to hobbiest, or modify a dual membership, you will need to reach out to board@makeitlabs.com and likely visit in person for billing changes. Open house nights (Thursdays at 6pm) are likely the best time.

If you need to take a temporary break, please try to make a point of using the same billing email when you sign up again!