Offices and Co-working

One of the benefits of Pro membership is the ability to ‘rent’ space for personal or professional use. The Auto Plot is one of these areas, but Workspaces are the main area where this is used. We have both Offices with doors and Open Cubical-like Workspaces, which are all on a monthly basis.

Car rental Plot.png

Auto Plot

This is available on a weekly basis, up to 6 weeks in a row. Useful for long projects such as engine swaps, roll cage or chassis work, and could also be used for longer term woodworking projects like a canoe build.

Contact the Auto RM for availability and scheduling. Cost is $50/wk and you must be a Pro member



We have several Offices with doors that are rented on a monthly basis, with the cost depending on the square footage.

Currently, there is no Vacancy in the offices. Rates vary from $180 to $350 /month and you must be a Pro member


Open Workspace

Besides the Offices, we have several open Cubical type workspaces. While there are no vacancies right now, we are in the process of making several new workspaces available on our second floor. The rates for the current open workspaces are $75/ month and you must be a pro member