• 24/7 building access

  • No project storage space - 'pack in, pack out'

  • Not eligible for rentals

  • Small discounts on certain classes


  • 24/7 building access

  • Project storage bin

  • Small locker space

  • Eligible for space rentals

  • Large discounts on certain classes (Free in many cases)


  • $20 off the price of 2 Pro memberships

  • All the benefits of a normal Pro membership, just for 2 people!

  • Make stuff with your significant other, partner, or friend!

military pro

  • Pro membership for the cost of Hobbyist

  • All past and present military personnel are eligible - thank you to everyone that has served.

  • Please note: This option requires in-person signup

If you would like to sign up for membership, please click here to be directed to the signup page.

Note: June 5 2017 - As we've recently migrated to a new payment provider and signup mechanism please let us know ( if you encounter any issues! 

Specialty Plans:

School Multi-seat pro Membership

  • A set number of membership seats available for a group of educators and students to share.

  • FIRST Teams, School Groups, Senior Projects, etc.

  • Pricing varies, as each situation is different - please contact us so we can discuss options.

Corporate Multi-seat pro Membership

  • A set number of membership seats available for a group of employees to use.

  • Excellent for rapid prototyping, new product development, and employee benefit.

  • Pricing starting at $1700/year for 2 seats.

After joining, account creation is handled manually and you will need to come in to set up your RFID access tag.  As MakeIt Labs is entirely run by volunteers, Thursday night during open house is the only guaranteed time someone will be available to get you started.  If you sign up at a different time, please be aware that you may have to wait until Thursday for an RFID.

All members and guests will be required to sign a code of conduct and a waiver before using any tools in the space. Members will have to pass a basic written safety test and demonstrate competent use of each tool they would like to use on an on-going basis.

Age Limits:

  • 12-17 Parent/Guardian/Responsible Adult must hold a membership (Pro or Hobbyist), and minor may accompany them as a guest. The Responsible Adult must supervise the minor at all times.

  • 18+ No restrictions, but if you are under 21 and caught with alcohol, membership will be revoked and you will be banned from the premises.

  • Under 12? Contact us, we may be able to work something out.