Nashua Needs a Technology Incubator!

We're excited to share our plans to add a technology incubator to MakeIt Labs' already well established makerspace!  This unique vision is focused on supporting new entrepreneurs while they explore growing their ideas into businesses.  The concept is elegant in its simplicity, and a natural fit for our new space at 25 Crown St.  MakeIt Labs members already enjoy access to 3D printers, CNC laser cutters, electronics test equipment, and more to aid with rapid prototyping their ideas.  We plan to build on that by renovating a currently unusable 4,200 sq.ft. portion of our building and turning it into a space where they can prototype their business. 

This new technology focused incubator will provide professional low cost work space, both private and shared, with no long term commitments or hassles to worry about.  We'll provide all the resources of a makerspace, and keep the financial risk as low as possible, freeing our members from the stress of overhead and allowing them to put most of their energy and time into their ideas.  Successful new businesses are a benefit for the entire region, and this project has gained widespread approval from both the private and public sectors.

We're committed to doing this, but we need the support of NH businesses that see the tremendous value created by this ambitious project.  MakeIt Labs was one of only 16 non-profit organizations awarded NH tax credits by the CDFA.  We need your help to turn those credits into $250,000 worth of improvements to our facility necessary to create this new space.  This program rewards contributors by issuing NH business tax credits worth 75% of the donated amount!  Combined with the normal tax benefits of a charitable contribution, the out of pocket cost is under $0.11 for each dollar.  This means that you can turn $5,000 into nearly $50,000 worth of funding for this project.

If you own or work for a NH business that may be interested in contributing to our project, please pledge your support or contact us for more details.