Resource Managers

Our space is divided into Resources Areas organized by equipment or activity.  Resource Managers are our volunteers in charge of these areas.  They handle training as well as maintenance for the tools and equipment in their area.  Any resource-specific questions should be directed to the appropriate resource manager. 

Our resource managers are:

3D Printers - Bill Schongar

By day, Bill Schongar is a Technical Leader at Cisco Systems, Inc., working on IoT, Big Data, and other techie buzzword things. The rest of the time he's kayaking, hiking, building projects or otherwise having fun with his wife and two sons.

Art Room - Alanna Carlson

Alanna is awesome. She loves spending time in nature with her dogs euler and luna. When she is calm enough to sit still she endulges in the creative arts. "It's a judgement free place where I can fine tune my painting techniques or let my imagination run wild!"

CNC Machine Shop & IT - Steve Richardson

Steve has been making electronics, software and mechanical systems for as long as he can remember. While his career is focused on embedded software and electronics engineering, he began rounding out his mechanical skills in 2009 by converting a manual milling machine to CNC, and teaching himself CAD, CAM, and machining in the process. Steve joined MakeIt Labs in 2014, and practically lived there for six months during the remodeling of the new building. You’ll most likely find him on a mountain bike in the woods if he’s not in the shop or behind a keyboard carefully aligning ones and zeroes.

Cleanspace - Johnathan Vail

The Cleanspace Resource (#resource-cleanspace) includes open benches for light projects as well as soldering, electronic test, and computer stations. Benches are first come first served and projects must leave with their owner. Any projects that require more than a trivial amount of sanding, painting, drilling, whittling, or filing should please use the garage work areas. There are occasional electronics and computer classes held here. There are no check out procedures for the tools but if you are unfamiliar with their use please ask for help.

Johnathan has been programming computers and making things since the 70’s. By day he is a firmware engineer in the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Projects at MakeIt Labs include the Electric Motorcycle, MakeIt Flight Club, and the original New doorbots for 25 Crown st. He has taught several Arduino and Raspberry Pi classes.

Laser Cutters - Brad Goodman

While a professional Electrical and Software engineer with big name (and small time) successful (and long-gone) data storage companies, Brad also fancies himself as a guitarist, lasor, skier, Dad, Scout leader, sailor, (model) aviator, and overall hacker.

Machine Shop - Nick Serpa

A machine designer by trade; Nick is versed in Solidworks, CNC / manual machining, and automation equipment design. When he isn't working Nick rides his motorcycle, teaches technical drawing at NCC, snowboards, mentors the Nashua 151 FIRST robotics team, does film / digital photography, runs in Spartan races, and volunteers at Mine Falls Park.

Metal Fabrication - Andrew Ryder

Andrew has been working in technology for over twenty years. His day job includes Python and backend development for the commercial cookware industry. When not sitting at a desk, he loves to be outside running, shooting infrared photography and working on the lawn and garden. After being shown welding, the metal bug bit, and he turned that into producing metal artwork and sculptures.

Parts - Dave Shevett

By day, Dave's an operations manager for a large software company, but at night he satisfies his need for organization and detail by keeping tabs on the parts inventory for the space. If you'd like to donate anything, or think the lab is missing or has run out of something, let Dave know, and he'll make it happen.

Plasma Cutting - Peter Dibble

When not managing the BMW lot at Tulley Automotive, Peter can frequently be found dabbling in graphic design, videography, and animation, but his first love is 3-D design. Since joining the Lab, he’s learned new concepts and technologies for his installation sculptures, so he felt it was only fair to give back and teach others what he knew.

WARNING: Don’t ask him about video games, unless you want your ears talked off.

Purple Tools & Pro Storage RM - Mindy Abodeely

Mindy is a piano, voice, and clarinet teacher who dabbles in laser cutting. She also designs knitting patterns in her free time. You will rarely catch her without any yarn or knitting needles in her possession. Though she may not appear to have a nerdy exterior, the force is strong with this one.

Textiles - Becca Urban

Rebecca, or Becca, or Bex, has been sewing for years. She specializes in garment making, altering and cosplay. Becca loves a challenge, DIY, and learning new things. She's a nerd, a geek, and an avid reader. Her fandoms include Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and anything made by Joss Whedon. Becca is an engineering assistant in the mundane world. Feel free to stop by and say Hi, she's never too busy for a chat!

Welding - Chris Egan

Chris is a mechanical engineer by profession, and a tinkerer and mechanic by hobby. He has spent the last decade teaching himself to fix and modify cars. Welding and metal work came as skills to support the car habit.

Wood Shop - Tom Goll

Tom Goll worked in the industrial finishing industry for 30 years. For 12 of those years operating his own business that included a side venture into the physical securing of IT equipment. Tom and his wife Lorie have three adult sons.

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