Resource Managers

Our space is divided into resources organized by equipment or activity.  Volunteer Resource Managers are in charge of these areas, and handle the training of members and maintenance of the tools and equipment.  Any resource specific questions should be directed to them.  The Resource Managers are:

Automotive - Bill Goleman

Bill Goleman is the resource manager for the auto lift and auto work area. Bill enjoys driving his red jeep off road, hiking and photography.

Welding - Chris Egan

Chris is a mechanical engineer by profession, and a tinkerer and mechanic by hobby. He has spent the last decade teaching himself to fix and modify cars. Welding and metal work came as skills to support the car habit.

Laser Cutters - Brad Goodman

While a professional Electrical and Software engineer with big name (and small time) successful (and long-gone) data storage companies, Brad also fancies himself as a guitarist, lasor, skier, Dad, Scout leader, sailor, (model) aviator, and overall hacker.

Wood Shop - Tom Goll

Tom Goll worked in the industrial finishing industry for 30 years. For 12 of those years operating his own business that included a side venture into the physical securing of IT equipment. Tom and his wife Lorie have three adult sons.

Machine Shop - Patrick Lizer

Patrick Lizer is a jack of all trades hobbyist, having been involved with R/C Helicopters (dating back to 1987), computer wizardry, woodworking, fine arts, and music. Patrick began metalworking at the beginning of his Robots and Automation Engineering Technology coursework at NHTI spring of 2014.

3D Printers - Bill Schongar

By day, Bill Schongar is a Technical Leader at Cisco Systems, Inc., working on IoT, Big Data, and other techie buzzword things. The rest of the time he's kayaking, hiking, building projects or otherwise having fun with his wife and two sons.

General Questions: