Rapid Prototyping


3D Printing

  • Stratasys Dimension 1200ES Industrial Grade FDM 3D printer

  • Stratasys Dimension SST 1200ES Industrial Grade FDM 3D printer

  • ZCorp ZPrinter 450 powder-based color 3D printer

  • Mcor Iris paper-and-ink-based color 3D printer

  • Prusa i3 mk3 FDM 3D printer

  • Lulzbot Mini FDM 3D printer

  • ROBO 3D R1+ FDM 3D printer

  • Makerbot Replicator 2 FDM 3D printer

Laser Cutting

  • 80-Watt Rabbit CNC laser cutter with 47" x 35" work envelope

  • 40-Watt Full Spectrum CNC laser cutter/engraver with 20" x 12" work envelope

Desktop Milling

  • Roland MDX-15 desktop CNC mill

Resource Managers


Bill Schongar

3D Printing Resource Manager - By day, Bill is a Technical Leader at Cisco Systems, Inc., working on IoT, Big Data, and other techie buzzword things. The rest of the time he's kayaking, hiking, building projects or otherwise having fun with his wife and two sons.

Brad Goodman

Laser Cutter Resource Manager - While a professional Electrical and Software engineer with big name (and small time) successful (and long-gone) data storage companies, Brad also fancies himself as a guitarist, lasor, skier, Dad, Scout leader, sailor, (model) aviator, and overall hacker.