Welcome to MakeIt Labs, and thanks for signing up! As a new member, you should receive an email within the next 30 minutes providing account details and reiterating the instructions on this page.

If you do not see an email in the next 30 minutes, please contact us at info@makeitlabs.com

Getting Started

1) How do I get into the building?

To gain access to the building, you'll need to have your RFID setup, sign the membership agreement, and go through orientation.  There is an orientation every Thursday at 7pm, but if you need to request another time just contact us at info@makeitlabs.com and we'll try to accommodate you.  Please remember that we are a 100% volunteer run organization, and people may not be immediately available. 

You can preview the orientation here

2) How do I access Members-only content on the website?

Your MakeIt Labs account (<your_username>@makeitlabs.com) is how you can access the Members-only portion of our Website: http://members.makeitlabs.com

This will be sent to you in the previously mentioned email.

3) How will important announcements be sent to me?

Your <your_username>@makeitlabs.com email address is where we will send ALL OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS and communications. To log in just navigate to http://mail.google.com, enter that account and password, and you're in!

Note: If you don't plan to check your @makeitlabs.com email address frequently, please be sure to set up mail forwarding so you don't miss important announcements.

(Pro Tip: Setting up forwarding can be done from within your MakeIt labs inbox by selecting the gear in the top right, then selecting settings.  From there, please select Forwarding and POP/IMAP.  The top option in there is to add a forwarding address.)

4) How can I communicate with other members?

Slack is our primary discussion forum for members, and we strongly encourage you to join and participate.  To register for a slack account with MakeIt Labs (it's free!), please go to the following link:


5) How do I get other information?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@makeitlabs.com or come to any Open House for in-person help.

See you soon!-The MakeIt Labs Team